Technical A-Z Technical A-Z AC Alternating Current Alternating Current. The movement or flow of electric charge that periodically changes direction. AC current is the format that electricity is supplied in. Accent Lighting Accent lighting is directional lighting which highlights and accentuates certain areas or objects. 316L is a low carbon content grade of Stainless Steel, giving excellent corrosion resistance properties. Due to its corrosion resistance AISI316L is also known as Marine Grade. All Stainless Steel requires a degree of maintenance to ensure its appearance does not tarnish over time. (see ASSCK – Stainless Steel Cleaning Kit below) Ambient Lighting The level of background light, usually low and supplemented by Task or Accent lighting. Ambient Temperature Surrounding - the ambient temperature is the temperature of the air that surrounds the fixture in the room. A critical criterion for fixture selection especially in extreme temperature environments. Analogue Dimming 1-10V 1-10V control gear requires an analogue (1-10V) signal from an external source to instruct the ballast / LED Driver to dim. This system is commonly employed in larger installations with scene-set controllers or energy management systems. Digital dimming is also used for PIR presence detection and automatic daylight sensing. Each luminaire requires a 3 core mains supply (L E N) and an additional 1-10V signal cable, normally a 2 core 0.75mm2 flexible cable. This is looped around any luminaires to be dimmed together (check with the Dimming Controller supplier as there are a maximum number of ballasts / LED drivers which can be connected together, dependent upon lamp type and wattage). Anti-Ligature This is a luminaire that is free from points where a cord could be fastened to create a ligature point. If a fitting is classed as Anti-Ligature the ligature risk is eliminated by designing it in such a way that it is not possible for a cordlike object to be looped or tied around it. ASSCK Stainless Steel Cleaning Kit To ensure Inox/AISI316L Stainless Steel products from the Collezione Italiana range maintain their high quality finish and appearance, we recommend regular (every 3-4 months) cleaning by using the ASSCK kit. Asymmetric Distribution Non-symmetric distribution of light. In many cases, the luminous intensity (light output) may be more pronounced in one direction. Commonly found on floodlights to allow them to be aimed downwards, keeping unwanted upward light spillage to a minimum. Azimuth The orientation angle in the horizontal plane, commonly referred to in floodlighting schemes. Bathroom Zones Bathroom luminaire installations must comply with legislation; please refer to latest building regulations. Zone 0 – This is inside the bath or shower. Any fitting used in these areas must be SELV and IPX7 Zone 1 – This is the area above the bath to a height of 2.25m from the floor. In this zone a minimum rating of IPX4 is required. If a 230V luminaire is used, the circuit must be protected by a 30mA RCD . Zone 2 – This area extends a further 0.6m outside Zone 1. In this zone a minimum rating of IPX4 is required. It is also recommended to have luminaires with a rating of IPX4 around the wash basin (with 0.6m radius of the tap). *Note – The area under the bath is classed as an outside zone providing there is a bath panel in situ which can only be removed with aid of a tool. AISI 316L Stainless Steel 448